Instructions on hosting a Zoom meeting.

 Instructions on hosting a Zoom meeting.

The Solva Community website offers a feature for all businesses and organisations to be able to hold online meetings to conduct their AGM, committee meetings etc. via the ZOOM meeting application.

We have made this a very simple process to setup.

  1. Decide in your organisation who will HOST the meeting online, this would normally be your secretary or chairman.
  2. Let Solva Community Admin have the email address of your designated host. Please email this to Please also let us have the dates and times of any meetings you wish to have setup (these can be sent later).
  3. Your email address will be used to setup a host user for your meetings. You will then receive a ‘Zoom account invitation’ email.
  1. Click to Activate your account.
  2. You can Sign in with a Google account, Facebook account or Sign-Up with a Password (up to you which one you choose, normally best to use 3rd option)
  3. You will now see a ‘Welcome to Zoom’ screen and your name pre-filled in. Make sure you set a password and confirm it, then click Continue.
  1. Your user is now created. Solva Community Admin will receive notification that your user id has been created. We can then create your meetings with your user id as the host for the meeting.
  2. To access the meetings please click here:
  3. Find your meeting in the list and click on it, this will show you a page detailing your meeting with a countdown to when the meeting will start.
  4. Use the URL at the top of the page and send it to everyone you wish to invite to the meeting. (send via email / share on Facebook page – up to you).
Send this to all your meeting attendees
  1. When you are ready to start the meeting click on ‘Join Meeting via Zoom App’. This will install the App on your device and then launch the meeting. You may be asked to Join with Video and Join with Computer Audio, select both.
  2. THAT’S IT, you are hosting your meeting, you just need to wait for everyone else to join and you can conduct your meeting from the comfort of your own home.

Please contact Steve Probert on 07970 063074 for any help required in setting up and running an online meeting.

Please note the free version of Zoom only allows meetings with a duration of 40 minutes. If you need a longer meeting you will have to pay for the licence, please purchase one of the product licences below. Please contact for more details.

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