1 Gbps Fibre (1000 Mbps) for Solva

 1 Gbps Fibre  (1000 Mbps) for Solva

Action needed – NOW!

Yes, you read that corectly. 1 Gbps Fibre is coming to Solva. BUT FIRST…..
We need 100 people from Solva to sign up!

Do I need to do anything?
This whole project is only made possible by accessing grant funding in the shape of Rural Gigabit Vouchers, a scheme run by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport. If you have already applied for a grant on the WeFibre website, then that’s it for now, you can sit back, put on the kettle  and let us do all the hard work involved in bringing the goodness of WeFibre to your door.If you haven’t yet applied for your voucher simply click on the button below and complete the short form to lock in grant funding for Solva Fibre today!

Community Champion

When you fill in the Voucher Reservation there will be a question:

Were you referred by a community champion? What was their name?

Please put Webzer Ltd as the name, we are pushing to get fibre installed in Solva sooner than later so have diverted some of our company resources into fulfilling this aim, we thank you in advance!

Need More Info?

As we get more information regarding the project we will update here and on Facebook.
If you want to help or get involved please email fibre@solva.co.uk
All you need to know is we have until 31st March 2021 to get 100 people signed up before the next phase of the project can begin.
Solva homes and businesses NEED Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP), fill in the quick form, it will only take you the same time as boiling the kettle for your next ☕!

Current interest

To date we have received the following level of interest from your project community:

🗳️ 107 signups

The threshold we need to meet for your project is:
100 signups

  • Community Project Name: Solva

  • Community Project Code: SW72

Campaign Updates
Sign Ups 100%

Update 30th March 2021


107 signups – Target reached!


📆 What does this milestone mean?

Our community will now move on to Stage 3 in the process ‘Design’ where WeFibre will create the overall network design for the Solva community area that will then be submitted to DCMS for funding approval.

To understand all the stages our community project will need to go through until WeFibre can connect you please visit their Step by Step Guide for an overview of the process.

📣 We still need your help!

Please continue to promote the project to your neighbours and community as the higher the level of interest the quicker WeFibre can allocate the resources needed to deploy.


If you haven’t signed up already please click on the button and ‘Get Fibre for Solva – NOW’. Even though we have reached our milestone 100 signups we need as many as possible for WeFibre to move our project up their priority list for installs!
Please see our newly added FAQs below for more information about the project.

Update 22nd March 2021

98 out of 100 – Nearly there!

Only 2 more needed for the next phase to commence.

If you haven’t signed up already please click on the button and ‘Get Fibre for Solva – NOW’


Please see our newly added FAQs below for more information about the project.

Update 8th March 2021

We have reached two thirds of our goal!

BUT we need 33 more.

If you haven’t signed up already please click on the button and ‘Get Fibre for Solva – NOW’


Frequently Asked Questions

Who are WeFibre?

WeFibre is a community focused service provider that installs 1 gigabit-per-second capable full fibre optic broadband in rural communities. We help catapult communities from being amongst the most poorly connected, to the best connected in the UK, and all at an unbeatable price point.

What makes WeFibre special & different?

🦄 We are Gigabit only. Whereas other providers unnecessarily offer lots of different packages and tiers, we choose to strip away all the cost and complexity. We are a full stack provider. We have our own civil engineering and fibre installation teams, which means we control the process end to end. Our Rural Community Fibre programme was created to help empower communities in need of Hyperfast internet, to crowdsource support for digital inclusion amongst the community. By combining a community's relationships, knowledge, local support and enthusiasm with our technical expertise, engineering, professional support and sustainability, we can deliver the infrastructure you need, funded by the government.

Why do I need to sign up for a voucher?

Early Engagement & Community buy in. This early engagement means that WeFibre is in effect invited into the community. The service is wanted, and the installation is supported by local residents. Sufficient demand from service users is demonstrated through this engagement before any community is connected. We only wish to roll out in a community if you want us to be there. We never intend to impose ourselves on a community and will not proceed unless we have the buy in from the majority of the community. If you want us, we’ll be there. If you want to work with an alternative supplier, we will fade away. Ultimately our own concern is that you get the connection you need and deserve, whether that be with us or an alternative supplier.

How to get WeFibre in your community?

We will work to support every community that expresses an interest in and desire for improved broadband. As there are so many communities in need of improved broadband access, and limited resources to do them all at once, we use sign-ups as an indicator of which communities are in most need. As such we set a sign up target for each community to hit, which upon hitting will progress your community on to the Design and Build stages.

What is the Sign Up Threshold?

For a community project to reach design stage we need the community to achieve a minimum sign up threshold of: 100 sign ups 🗳️

How do I sign up?

In order to count as a sign up, anyone wishing to put forward their support must complete the form on the wefibre.com/grants page, which then gives us the permission to reserve your RGC voucher once the project funding is approved by DCMS. Click on the button above and 'Get Fibre for Solva - NOW'

Does the sign up obligate me to continue?

No. If you change your mind after sign up there is no obligation on your part to continue. By completing the form on the grant page you are merely giving us permission to reserve your voucher once funding is approved. It does not enter you into a contract to take services. Only once we have built the network and are ready to connect your property will we ask you to then order a service at which point you will enter into a 12 month contract.

I live outside Solva but still in the Parish, will I get connected?

We plan each area to ensure there are at least 400-1000 properties within your community area. This means that WeFibre typically engages with community groups on the scale of a parish. The reason we look to create project areas of this size is to ensure there is a large enough addressable market in your community to support the signup threshold. We may miss out nearby settlements from your project area, however once the initial network is built we can extend it at little additional cost to ensure the coverage area grows. WeFibre’s model is to plan and build the network for the whole parish to ensure no one misses out, no matter how rural they live or work.

How disruptive are the works?

Although our fibre network will be all shiny and new, we do reuse existing passive infrastructure wherever possible in order to minimise disruption to the communities within which we work, and because it’s just better for the world 🌍. What this means is we will be reusing Openreach ducts and Openreach poles where possible to run our new fibre, and so will only revert to digging where the existing infrastructure might be damaged or unable to meet our requirements.

When will I be connected to this amazing new service?

We activate each project area in phases following the physical rollout. As such we aim to have the initial batch of lucky residents connected in the next 3 months post build, with homes and businesses progressively activated thereafter.

What if I don’t sign up for a voucher?

Once the network is built, any properties which didn’t take service initially can request to be added and WeFibre will come back and connect them. (NB: Voucher funding may no longer be available, it is better to sign up early.) If the network hasn’t been built out to your location as a part of the initial build and voucher funding is no longer available then charges may apply for getting connected, so it’s better to take advantage of this unique opportunity and reserve your voucher today.

Do you also do Telephone Lines?

Yes we supply VoIP. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) uses your fibre internet, to make calls seamlessly, using your existing handset. You can keep your existing phone number for a one off fee of £20.00. See pricing below.


Here is the pricing structure from WeFibre. Remember this is for 1Gbps internet - that is 1000Mb download speed!

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