Statement from Chair of Solva Community Council – Visiting Solva amid COVID19

 Statement from Chair of Solva Community Council – Visiting Solva amid COVID19

Over the last couple of days I have been struck by the sheer amount of people visiting the village and absolute negligence played by a number of second home owners in our community. With a number of them making completely unnecessary journeys to undertake caretaking tasks to their properties or even to isolate in the community. This is entirely unacceptable and should be treated as reckless and above all totally disrespectful to members of the community that are already worried or fearful at this time.

Nobody knows the value of second home owners more than myself having run businesses in the village for 10 years as well as organising events that require people to attend. There is no doubt that you play a pivotal role in our communities economy and the social fabric of the village. What I would request is at this time anyone that is looking to self isolate in the community takes a period of self isolation prior to any travel and is only to make that travel if they are unable to stay at their primary residence. Nobody can safely say that they are not infected/carriers of this virus and should not be engaging in non essential travel to our community, essentially undermining the safety and security of our elderly residents and the wider community at large.

I along with the people of Solva would hope that you take this period to respect our community, our security and the health of our residents. This is absolutely paramount to this council, our local businesses and our people.

Please we respectfully ask that at this time you refrain from non essential travel to Solva, whether for a walk or to visit a second home. The already fragile health care infrastructure of the rural community is stretched and cannot sustain additional pressure through and influx of tourists and second home owners.

Remember the reason you bought your house in the first place, to play a part in a unique community, to feel that you are respected and valued amongst friends and neighbours. At this time when tempers are high and already many feeling anxious with weeks of uncertainty ahead the additional pressures are not necessary.

If you love Solva and it’s people please respect our wishes at this time.

Joshua Phillips
Chair Solva Community Council

For more information please go to the Solva Community Council Website


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